Don't you think that the intricate folds are ideal as head or arm jewelry? Even when worn as a belt, wearers acknowledge that they are lovers of elaborate handicrafts.


Slow fashion

Anyone who takes a closer look at the technique of making Froschgoscherl will be able to confirm the meditative effect of this work. The fact is: every piece is 100% hand-made in Styria with love and in compliance with fair production conditions.


Applied to high-quality shirts and leather, the Froschgoscherl not only adorn traditional costume fans and are fortunately completely undemanding when it comes to care.

Zero Waste / Bike tubes

Discarded bicycle tubes have been Andrea Jack-Voigt's favorite material for many years. The fact that it is available almost worldwide for free holds a lot of potential. Since getting around by bike is worth supporting in every respect, the worn-out tube deserves something nice in the "afterlife".

However, the PVC hose should not come into contact with skin or sensitive clothing for a long time, which is why it is always lined with high-quality leather at Cerwenka. It should also be mentioned here that the material can occasionally rub off (light-colored surfaces such as work tables are affected) - but can usually be easily cleaned or erased.