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Andrea Jack-Voigt

Andrea Jack-Voigt found the joy of experimenting with elements of Austrian costume as part of a fashion battle in spring 2018. In August of the same year, the label “Cerwenka” was founded in Graz.

Zero waste management and the use of exquisite fabrics or the finest leather are not mutually exclusive at Cerwenka. All materials are selected to the best of our knowledge and belief, processed in a resource-conserving manner and under fair conditions for all those involved, exclusively in Austria.

The designs by Cerwenka are timeless, with careful handling you can enjoy one piece over several seasons and decorate yourself with it.

This trend corresponds to our conception of trend-setting consumer behavior.

With a love for “old handicrafts” and an interest in the future, Jack-Voigt creates accessories and fashion that outlasts seasons and encourages communication.


The production facility - a heart decision

It may sound astonishing at first that the choice fell on a company that demands a lot more than other workshops for the production of shirt "Gerda". However, Gert Rücker from JMB Fashion made this decision easy. During the visits to Rohr an der Raab we were able to personally get an idea of ​​the values ​​practiced in his production facility - polite manners in cooperation, concentrated know-how and a weakness for quality and perfection are part of the recipe for success.

JMB Fashion

With around 40 employees, JMB is both a manufacturer and an industrial company in the Styrian Vulkanland. What did the tireless “process and quality freak” Rücker, according to his own definition, do differently than the others apart from the positioning? “Even if it sounds trite, but it is our approach: We focus on people - on all sides. The person as an employee, as a customer and as a supplier ”, formulates Rücker, in style and appearance a gentleman of the old school, at the same time a philanthropist and humanist as well as a gentle rebel against the zeitgeist.

Does the clothing manufacturer see himself as the last of the Mohicans in a lost textile world? “For a long time I actually thought we were the last surviving dinosaur. But today I say: We are the first pioneers, ”smiles the entrepreneur. “We are happy to see how the awareness of high-quality production is gradually rising again - both on the part of the fashion designers and among consumers. More and more new customers are interested in our company and value sustainable production under fair conditions, which promotes regional value creation. ”Still tender, but recognizable impulses in a consumer world in which almost everything is measured by price and not by value. "We can never be an alternative to cheap producers, but we can always be a useful addition"

(Source: Spirit of Styria, edition 10/2017, page 28)

Photo: Oliver Wolf

"There is no such thing as cheap clothing, rather it is always just the question: WHO pays the price? And if I, as a consumer, don't pay it, I have to be clear about it; someone else pays it, be it the exploited one Factory workers or the environment! "



Bild: Spirit

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